Krista Zwart

20228324_1497409656971293_2558681688120518058_nWhen I was 13, I would wake up at 5am every morning and go on a 2 mile run before school started at 7:30. A year later, I joined Martin Luther King High School’s cross country team in Riverside California, and that was where my love for running truly developed. Since graduating in 2015, I enrolled in Utrecht University, a Dutch university, and decided to co-found the running team in my small university college during my second year. Emma and I continue to lead the Roosevelt Runners, and inspire others at our school to join the running cult.

My other favorite hobby, traveling, thus comes into play. Since moving to the Netherlands, I have had the opportunity to travel from Ireland to Croatia, and everywhere in between. I haven’t run in every country I’ve visited, but there are quite a few places I have had the pleasure of seeing through a runner’s perspective, and what a phenomenal experience it has been so far!

At only 20 years old, this blog serves as a way for me to share the different cities I visit, the routes I’ve run, and the people I’ve met that have contributed to keeping my love for running alive. These people, groups, and places have helped me grow as a runner and as a person, and I hope that this blog inspires you to get out there and run this world.